Let the games begin!

Welcome to the 2014 Winter Olympics! We hosted our 2nd annual Opening Ceremony Viewing Party this weekend as the Olympics started up in Sochi. It was a great excuse to gather all of our friends to eat borscht (That’s Russian beet stew. Yes, beets.), drink vodka (Thank you Cindy, for introducing my husband to his new favorite drink, the Moscow Mule) and judge all of the outfits during the Parade of Nations (Really  Ralph?).

food podium


Sweets collage

Torch Cupcakes and Gold and Silver Medal Shortbread Cookies 


We also put together a little photo backdrop to keep ourselves entertained during the commercial breaks.

photo background - full photo background - collage


What a fun time! But I better step up my game if I’m going to win gold at the next Olympics. Let the games begin!

MC-AG collage